Maxim V. Kopylov

Oral surgeon

Стоматолог-хирург Максим Копылов

My name is Maxim Kopylov. I’m oral surgeon with 13 years practice.I do specialize on complex bone reconstruction and soft tissue surgery with implants treatment. I’m blessed to do the job that brings satisfaction to me and happiness to my patients.

Максим Клпалов подпись


My name is Maxim Kopylov. I’m oral surgeon with 13 years practice.I do specialize on complex bone reconstruction and soft tissue surgery with implants treatment. I’m blessed to do the job that brings satisfaction to me and happiness to my patients.


The most effective and functionally natural way of lost teeth substitution

Bone grafting

Number of surgeon manipulations aiming bone tissue recovery

Soft tissue surgery

Number of surgeon manipulations aiming soft tissue recovery
Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is an approach to medical practice intended to optimize decision-making by emphasizing the use of evidence from well-designed and well-conducted research. The term was originally used to describe an approach to teaching the practice of medicine and improving decisions by individual physicians about individual patients.
  • Patient


    Meeting with such a doctor as Maxim Kopylov felt as if being blessed. He demonstrates the unique standard of specialist and personality. Since the very first moment we talked I understood that I was safe and attentively cared about by a responsive and delicate doctor. His being attentive, courteous, fastidious and first-class professional surgeon has given me my health back together with the trust to doctors. He is not only a gifted specialist, he is the one able to accumulate talented and high-level professionals around him.
    I am so very much grateful to him for the creative and really filigreed work of his thanks to which I can wear a beaming and happy smile again.

  • Oral surgeon

    Artem Bashurov

    I have an ability to assess Maxim from patient’s, colleague and student’s angle. As his patient, I should say that his treatment passed very easily and healing process was evidently guaranteed. As his student and colleague I must say that there is always something to learn from Maxim. He provides information very intelligibly. Hi is always opened for discussion and ready to share his knowledge. In my practice I willingly implements his innovations, treatment methods and patient management.
  • Patient


    For my complex problem solving several dental clinics suggested me different methods, up to removable prosthesis. All of them assumed several months surgical treatment : 4 surgeries minimum and long rehabilitation period. This was not acceptable taking into account high speed of my professional life. My friend strongly recommended to apply to Maxim. He suggested to solve my issue in 2 surgeries and I did not spend even a day without teeth. So I kept working, which was very important for me. Already next day after surgery I participated in all planned events.
  • Patient


    I Express my heartfelt gratitude to Magician!Thank you for helping me to overcome my fear )Thank you for patience and care! I appreciate your high professionalism! God bless your skillful hands!
  • Specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. Israel,Active Member of EAED (European Academy of EstheticDentistry)

    Dr. Rafi Romano

    I had the privilege of working with Maxim Kopylov at the Stedley Clinic, for many years. There is no questions his professionalism and friendly manner with patients made him one of the best surgeons, not only at the clinic, but one of the best in Europe.
  • Dental Technicians, Active Members of EAED (European Academy of EstheticDentistry)

    Luc & Patrick Rutten

    We know Maxim for many years; all the way back to the first time where we met at the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Spring Meeting. Today he’s on to become a top-notch maxillo-facial surgeon, an educator and most dedicated teacher. He’s one of a few who has that nice combination: professionalism, strong-work ethic, a love for teaching and passion for his profession. Not to mention, he is about the nicest and most sincere person we’ve ever met.
  • Prosthodontist restorative dentist,Active Member of EAED (European Academy of EstheticDentistry)

    Dr. Federico Ferraris

    Maxim first of all is very kind person and very passionate dentist! His motivation to improve his knowledge and skill did a great difference until now! For sure in the international scenario of esthetic and implant dentistry is one the most valuable young opinionist and clinicians.

Professional development

I do share my professional experience, extremely appreciate expertise of my colleagues, therefore I actively participate in Russian and international professional events.

Professional communities

That I have privilege to be part of



The research into dynamics of quality of clinical use in 2003 - 2012 of autologous and xenogeneic biomaterials at dental transplantation and implantation among 1,100 of adult patients was made.

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Scientific activity

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Устранение недостаточности мягких тканей
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  • For every patient of mine I’m willing to do my best. If my patient asks me, have we done all properly? I must be sure that we have done.
  • I seek to help greater number of people: to bring them back healthiness, smile, joy of life and as a result improve quality of their life.
  • Life is like an escalator that is going down. To stand still you should go, if you want to go up – you should run.

The art of living

I love life in all it’s manifestations


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