Maxim V. Kopylov Oral surgeon

Maxim V. Kopylov


My name is Maxim Kopylov. I’m oral surgeon with 13 years practice.I do specialize on complex bone reconstruction and soft tissue surgery with implants treatment. I’m blessed to do the job that brings satisfaction to me and happiness to my patients.


From my point of view, nowadays medicine allows to combine innovative treatment methods with evidence-based medicine principles, unlocking limitless opportunities for surgeons


The most effective and functionally natural way of lost teeth substitution

Bone grafting

Number of surgeon manipulations aiming bone tissue recovery

Soft tissue surgery

Number of surgeon manipulations aiming soft tissue recovery

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is an approach to medical practice intended to optimize decision-making by emphasizing the use of evidence from well-designed and well-conducted research.  The term was originally used to describe an approach to teaching the practice of medicine and improving decisions by individual physicians about individual patients.

Professional development

I do share my professional experience, extremely appreciate expertise of my colleagues, therefore I actively participate in Russian and international professional events.  

Professional communities

That I have privilege to be part of


The art of living

I love life in all it’s manifestations


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